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The area behind the bank

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Currently, the area is so plain. It's big and there's nothing to do on it. I suggest using it.


By adding 

  • Few normal trees
  • 6-8 oaks
  • 2-4 willows
  • 1-2 maples
  • 2 yews
  • 1 magic
  • Few flax spots
  • Few low level fishing spots up to lobsters.
  • An everlasting fire

Few map edits:

  • Also move the prayer altar minimap icon away from the shops a little so we can see it, alot of the things at home are kinda invisible (you won't know where they are until someone shows you)
  • Remove the wizard teleport guy and add a portal instead of him because he's currently invisible because wall color and cloth color are the same
    • I suggest something unique, like make it centralized, make the whole area point to it.


  • Add fish, ore, seed, and magic stalls to the home area... Because once again the home is so big and not being used.
  • Add the bankers to the home bank
  • Remove the poh portal from inside the bank to outside the bank, it doesn't fit in there

Shop edits:

  • Let us sell the things we steal from stalls to the general store


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I like a couple of these ideas, i'll start working on some today.

Finished editing the map a bit, for now i'm keeping the wizard where it's at till i find another way. But for now there's more trees and such behind the bank with an everlasting fire. removed the portal in bank and added a furnace. You can always sell these things to sigmund.spacer.png

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