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  1. Sweet updates thank you. I love the discord forum integration. Great addition.
  2. General


    Yes but BM is also obtained from skilling and PvMing in the wilderness as well. The BM currently has nothing that interests me. Its just seems like a dead content and if it were pking too it'd make it even more useless to pk. This would hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Content at end of the day is still content whether is something thats not on the osrs layout or it is. There is a lot osrs even has been doing to keep up with player suggestions. Somedsy they will habe things like shooting star we never know.
  3. Don't let me catch you either 😈
  4. General


    MYSTIC RSPS SUGGESTIONS Blood money shop The blood money shop lacks items that are not untradables. So far the bloodmoney store consists of items that are obtainable by other ways, for example. The void is from pest control, defender from warriors guild and fighters from pest control as well. There are a lot of bits and pieces that are obtained from alternatives ways aside from the recolours and ornaments. Wilderness bosses (Tekton, Vorkath and Skotizo) Wilderness bosses that spawn every now and then don't drop anything valuable. The wilderness bosses are always in a high level wilderness and at multi-zone making it a lot morr dangerous. I beleive if the rewards were optimized there would be some wilderness activity and it would make the bosses more sufficient. A lot more fun for the players as well. PvP armours & weapons Revenants need something more enlightening. PvP armours and weapon should also be degradable because that way it keeps a balance in items and it's a good item sink. Custom Pets This is a donators only feature. It would be nice to buy our own pets. We choose any npc and we choose any name of npc as a pet for a budget price of $100, or $200. This wouldn't hurt the server because these are untradable cosmetics and oh man it would make my day, I'd love a custom pet of my choice. Shooting star & Evil tree Adding shooting star and evil tree will spice things up for skillers. Especially when you have 2 accounts. 1 for skilling and 1 for main like me. It's going to be well put too because not a lot of oldschool servers have this. Its content end of the day.
  5. Great work developement team. I'd like to see more updates. The wilderness bosses need better drops. They're all useless. Considering you need to use strategic methods to kill each boss and its in deep multi wilderness.
  6. What it do baby! I'm 23 from Toronto, Canada. I've been apart of rsps for the longest time ever. I'm here to own the economy like always. see you all ingame don't forget to run away if you see me in the wilderness because i will fuck you up bitch.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope to see great things from the administration team.
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