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  1. I like this server. So here's my Suggestions how it could be even more better. @Pepsiplaya If you take a look at my list, and fix/add something Please edit this thread and use Strike-through on the suggestion. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Info: Red is Incomplete/Unfixed/Not added. Green is Completed/Fixed/Added. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Suggestion list is still WIP /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// RuneLite client Lookup feature is not working right now. (client highscore) Adjust in-game farming timers properly. Item bonuses on hover, depending on what you're wearing. Utilize the News feed on RuneLite client. Which shows latest updates,news pulled from forums. Like this if you don't know what i'm talking about. Buff bar. (Anti-fire, anti-poison, active prayers, arrows, etc) Can't use nor hover on special attack bar under Toggle Run option. Example from osrs. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// QoL - Quality of Life Looting Bag Make it so you can open the bag in your inventory and when looting items on the ground it goes inside the bag automatically instead into your inventory. Surge Spells which use Wrath runes. Auto casting them requires some different rune to be able to use them. Works fine when using without a staff. Construction Add a basic way to gain some construction experience so that i wouldn't need to look my skills and have construction as my only level 1 skill. Farming Guild Add a partial part of it if unfinished but contains a working herb patch. Skilling outfits Make it so you can obtain these pieces whilst training a respective skill to its outfit piece. (Angler's outfit parts go with fishing, can find while fishing) Motherlode Mine Make it so you can use motherload mine to mine it's ore and to gain golden nuggets to buy a goal bag, prospector outfit pieces etc. Enchanted Ring of Wealth(i) Can't wear it. Trees So far i've been able to obtain magic seeds. And i would like to plant some magic trees. Vesta, statius, Zuriel, Morrigan's Make it so that you can obtain these from the global wilderness loot table. Like in OSRS. Tool Leprechaun Exchanging tools is bugged. Example: Trying to take out a rake says "You don't have a gardening trowel stored in here" Fletching Some things need to be looked over and see what needs fixing. Example: Cant really fletch yew longbows. Archlight/darklight Add a way to obtain these weapons which respectively give attack damage bonuses to the monsters who are weak against it. (Abyssal demons, K'ril, Demonic gorillas, etc)\ Divine super combat potions They give their boosts up to 120, but they are not supposed to lose it's effect for 5 minutes. A few prayers This screenshot should be self explanatory. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Commands Rework the layout of ::commands, cause right now it's a total mess. Make it more user friendly. Account management tab Membership: None is a bit useless. Make it so it would at least show it's user's rank. Upgrade now could be renamed to something else or removed. View benefits could redirect you to a new page which show's donator benefits or open a interface. View inbox could be removed. Make the name changer actually work? Useful links could be renamed/added to our website, discord, vote, hs, store /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Quest tab (Game Panel) Uptime - Have it show server ping or other useful information. Players online - make it same like ::players Players pking - Rename it to Players in Wilderness(wildy for shorter) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Diary items It would be great, to have Diary tasks from Easy to Elite and to obtain the diary items which have their corresponding bonuses and stuff. (no annoying wildy tasks which need you to kill players.) Wilderness diaries have been added /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Slayer (List of monster's that grant no XP.) Upon completing a task, Make it show total amount of points aswell. Addy dragons (wilderness task) Cave Horrors (Nieve task) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Website in general HighScores. When trying to look a different gamemode highscores for example ironman, it only shows overall xp., but when trying to check a specific skill, it resets back to normal gamemode. Store. Less P2W shit pls :c Vote. Some vote pages don't actually work. (Rune-list.com, rspstoplist.net) HTTPS. Cause right now the website is not secure. Make website more active.
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  3. Very nice update :), keep it up
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