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    Added Salve Amulets, this will include salve amulet increasing accuracy and damage by 15% on all undead creatures including vorkath when using melee. Salve Amulet(i) also has been added making the accuracy and damage bonus work for both range and magic too. Salve Amulet (e) also been added which will increase the damage and accuracy from 15% to 20% on all undead creatures using melee. Salve Amulet (ei) is the final salve amulet being added, which increases damage and accuracy by 20% on all undead creatures using any attack style! All npcs affected by Salve Amulets are listed here: Aberrant spectre Abhorrent spectre Deviant spectre Repugnant spectre Ankou Banshee Screaming banshee Twisted Banshee Crawling Hand Crushing hand Ghast Ghost Greater Skeleton Hellhound Monkey Zombie Mummy Revenants All Shades, viz: Shade Loar shade Phrin shade Riyl shade Asyn shade Fiyr shade Pestilent Bloat Skeleton Skeleton brute Skeleton Hellhound (Vet'ion) Skeleton mage Skeleton thug Skeleton warlord Skogre Summoned Zombie The Draugen Tortured soul Tree spirit Undead chicken Undead cow Undead one Undead Druid Vet'ion Vorkath Zogre Zombified spawn Zombie Zombie rat
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