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  1. Last week
  2. Divine potions now hurt you as they should. Added fossil island teleport/Wyven cave teleport While cutting logs you can now make javs/arrow shafts with all logs. Re-Fixed Basilisk Knight's so they don't drain stats while wearing the V's Shield. Achievements have been added, you can view them by clicking the purple icon inside the quest tab/server menu. Brimstome keys have been added to more npcs, just like osrs. Mage bank lever fixed. PvP Armors have been added to the rev drop table. Vorkath now counts towards blue dragon slayer task. Alchemical Hydra now has a kill count. Tutorial Fixed. Fixed accounts getting nulled while choosing apperence before going through the guide. Amethyst minable Many more updates have been made since then, i have not added them. Mainly because i forgot, oof.
  3. Earlier
  4. I like this server. So here's my Suggestions how it could be even more better. @Pepsiplaya If you take a look at my list, and fix/add something Please edit this thread and use Strike-through on the suggestion. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Info: Red is Incomplete/Unfixed/Not added. Green is Completed/Fixed/Added. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Suggestion list is still WIP /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// RuneLite client Lookup feature is not working right now. (client highscore) Adjust in-game farming timers properly. Item bonuses on hover, depending on what you're wearing. Utilize the News feed on RuneLite client. Which shows latest updates,news pulled from forums. Like this if you don't know what i'm talking about. Buff bar. (Anti-fire, anti-poison, active prayers, arrows, etc) Can't use nor hover on special attack bar under Toggle Run option. Example from osrs. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// QoL - Quality of Life Looting Bag Make it so you can open the bag in your inventory and when looting items on the ground it goes inside the bag automatically instead into your inventory. Surge Spells which use Wrath runes. Auto casting them requires some different rune to be able to use them. Works fine when using without a staff. Construction Add a basic way to gain some construction experience so that i wouldn't need to look my skills and have construction as my only level 1 skill. Farming Guild Add a partial part of it if unfinished but contains a working herb patch. Skilling outfits Make it so you can obtain these pieces whilst training a respective skill to its outfit piece. (Angler's outfit parts go with fishing, can find while fishing) Motherlode Mine Make it so you can use motherload mine to mine it's ore and to gain golden nuggets to buy a goal bag, prospector outfit pieces etc. Enchanted Ring of Wealth(i) Can't wear it. Trees So far i've been able to obtain magic seeds. And i would like to plant some magic trees. Vesta, statius, Zuriel, Morrigan's Make it so that you can obtain these from the global wilderness loot table. Like in OSRS. Tool Leprechaun Exchanging tools is bugged. Example: Trying to take out a rake says "You don't have a gardening trowel stored in here" Fletching Some things need to be looked over and see what needs fixing. Example: Cant really fletch yew longbows. Archlight/darklight Add a way to obtain these weapons which respectively give attack damage bonuses to the monsters who are weak against it. (Abyssal demons, K'ril, Demonic gorillas, etc)\ Divine super combat potions They give their boosts up to 120, but they are not supposed to lose it's effect for 5 minutes. A few prayers This screenshot should be self explanatory. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Commands Rework the layout of ::commands, cause right now it's a total mess. Make it more user friendly. Account management tab Membership: None is a bit useless. Make it so it would at least show it's user's rank. Upgrade now could be renamed to something else or removed. View benefits could redirect you to a new page which show's donator benefits or open a interface. View inbox could be removed. Make the name changer actually work? Useful links could be renamed/added to our website, discord, vote, hs, store /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Quest tab (Game Panel) Uptime - Have it show server ping or other useful information. Players online - make it same like ::players Players pking - Rename it to Players in Wilderness(wildy for shorter) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Diary items It would be great, to have Diary tasks from Easy to Elite and to obtain the diary items which have their corresponding bonuses and stuff. (no annoying wildy tasks which need you to kill players.) Wilderness diaries have been added /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Slayer (List of monster's that grant no XP.) Upon completing a task, Make it show total amount of points aswell. Addy dragons (wilderness task) Cave Horrors (Nieve task) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Website in general HighScores. When trying to look a different gamemode highscores for example ironman, it only shows overall xp., but when trying to check a specific skill, it resets back to normal gamemode. Store. Less P2W shit pls :c Vote. Some vote pages don't actually work. (Rune-list.com, rspstoplist.net) HTTPS. Cause right now the website is not secure. Make website more active.
  5. Eya, and welcome to the community 😄
  6. Very nice update :), keep it up
  7. Hey guys, I'm Triage, but feel free to call me Ronan. I've been playing Mystic for a couple of weeks now, and I've been enjoying every second of it. The variety of content, the inclusion of up-to-date OSRS features, RuneLite, and the small, friendly community are all major appealing factors to me, and each have made the server well worth sticking around for. As for myself, I'm nineteen years old and I'm currently living in Ireland. I'm studying Journalism, with hopes of getting into content creation for private companies. It's been fun getting to know you guys, and I look forward to seeing you lot some more over the next few months.
  8. Fantastic update, will make the last few levels of Agility quite a bit more enjoyable to complete as well as RuneCrafting more accessible. Thanks for the work you put in, Pepsi.
  9. Prifiddinas has been completed (mostly, still some work to be done throughout the next few updates), this updates includes the entire town of Prifddinas and the farming patches/agility courses. new npc's were added that you can pickpocket, requiring 85 thieving. Added Prifiddinas farming teleport. Added Prifiddinas rooftop agility course teleport. Wrath runes are now craftable at 95 runecrafting. All runecrafting altar teleports have been added to the wizarda at home. Fixed exp over all gamemodes, some were a little broken/op.
  10. Salve ammies have been added to neives reward shop. Cannon i will see what i can do 🙂
  11. I like a couple of these ideas, i'll start working on some today. Finished editing the map a bit, for now i'm keeping the wizard where it's at till i find another way. But for now there's more trees and such behind the bank with an everlasting fire. removed the portal in bank and added a furnace. You can always sell these things to sigmund.
  12. Currently, the area is so plain. It's big and there's nothing to do on it. I suggest using it. By adding Few normal trees 6-8 oaks 2-4 willows 1-2 maples 2 yews 1 magic Few flax spots Few low level fishing spots up to lobsters. An everlasting fire Few map edits: Also move the prayer altar minimap icon away from the shops a little so we can see it, alot of the things at home are kinda invisible (you won't know where they are until someone shows you) Remove the wizard teleport guy and add a portal instead of him because he's currently invisible because wall color and cloth color are the same I suggest something unique, like make it centralized, make the whole area point to it. Add fish, ore, seed, and magic stalls to the home area... Because once again the home is so big and not being used. Add the bankers to the home bank Remove the poh portal from inside the bank to outside the bank, it doesn't fit in there Shop edits: Let us sell the things we steal from stalls to the general store
  13. Awesome work pepsi! Any chance next update you could try to get cannons in there? and salve(ei)?
  14. Mining inside the Trahaearn Mine has a chance of giving crystal shards. Cutting trees inside Prifddinas has a chance of giving crystal shards. Iorwerth Dungeon has been added Npc's inside Iorwerth Dungeon have a chance of dropping crystal shards. Combat Tutor at home can now reset stats. First version of raids has been added!
  15. Pepsiplaya

    Warrior Guild

    Defenders are now twice as easy to obtain, they used to be 1/30 for bronze-rune. Now it's 1/15 for them, and 1/35 for dragon defenders (was 1/70)
  16. Wilderness Boss Events have been completely recoded giving you blood money for damage death, view quest tab for information on this. Fixed quite a bit of clue scrolls with their incorrect npc id and questions. Removed PvP Instance Portal name from rooftop agility course. Re-added option two and renamed the loyalty chest as it should be. Re-Fixed Edgeville's Dungeon gates. Fixed droprates for wild weapons from revenants. Fixed a clue answer, removed the comma so it's now completable. Added donator scrolls in-game for easier donator rank access. Fariy nuff added for another clue. Defenders will now be obtained easier than before, twice as easy. You can now withdraw items directly from the bag in the wilderness, mainly for UIM. Redone ::players command. Amulet of avarice will now note items from wilderness monsters. Bone sack will now auto bank/pickup ensouled heads.
  17. Sinn

    Warrior Guild

    Make defenders like a 1/5 drop, no reason on a private server in 2019 u need to spend 5-6hrs trying to get defenders. No1 gonna play server where the beginning gearing takes all day for 1 item, endgame item sure, but not the basic items
  18. Fixed buying from Ironmen's Sigmund shop. Fixing donator blood money multiplication while mining in the wilderness. Dragon hunter crossbow and lance now have their correct bonus damage towards dragons. Added Basilisk knights attack and death animations. This also comes with their magic agility. (Working on their special attack) Fixed Edgeville dungeon gates. Bracelet of Ethereum will now give back ether. Removed the level 39 Revenant teleport from the wizard and made the Revenent teleport go to the level 39 cave entarence to give the item meaning. Max cape now cost 2.277m instead of 10m. Fixed crystal mining animation, still looking for harpoon/woodcutting. Fixed some of the ores object after they're mined. They will not longer just disappear. Skillcape shop has been added to home. Random casket drops and boss casket drops now give more gp than before. Sigmund sells some herblore supplies for ironmen. Fixed Harry's fishing shop in Cathery. Fixed Jatix's herblore shop in Taverly. Druids in Taverly are now attackable. Brutal green dragons are now attackable. Tutorial has been redone and fixed. Fixed stamina potion Runelite timer plugin. Lowered drop rate for Dragon Warhammer. Added Prifddinas's mine, Trahaearn mine. Added Prifddinas's farming patches
  19. Doors in Edgeville have been fixed, and took your advice, removed the teleport from the wizard and made the rev teleport on the 39 cave entrance (next restart, sometime today will fix these). But i do not plan on changing the realism mode icon anytime soon.
  20. 1. Remove level 39 rev cave teleport from wizard, Have rev cave teleport scrolls that drop teleport you to the level 39 so they actually have use. 2. Fix doors in Edgeville dungeon. 3. Change Realism mode icon to something more appropriate, A slayer icon really has nothing to do with it. ( Maybe just a (R) ? )
  21. All the crystal seeds have been added, which includes the weapon, armor and tool seeds. These can be exchanged with Ilfeen at home to pick which kind of crystal upgrade you'd like. General store right click option added to the general store npc at home. Agility Runelite highlights fixed. Added Jormungand's Prison cave to the teleports with the new npc Basilisk Knight dropping the new Basilisk Jaw to create the Netiznot Faceguard. Brimstone chest and keys have been added, along with Konar, the slayer master is now usable. Redone tons of new npc's to fit the new data our server has. Also fixed a few items alongside this. New Edgeville home. Hydra, purple, and turquoise slayer helms now work as they're suppose too. Basilisk Knight's are now aggressive Added more skilling outfits to the donor store/vote shop. Few more things i forgot and i'll be adding to the list as i remember.
  22. As some of you may already know, we've recently updated the server to revision 184. Meaning the server is essentially up-to-date with osrs, just before adding group ironmen. This has added MANY things into the game, such as the new mimic boss, crystal armors and neitiznot faceguard.
  23. Hello everyone, Small changes were made since the salve amulets were added. Cerberus has had a few changes. His AOE attack is now in-game and working well. Same as OSRS, when she yells "GRRRRRRRR" you need to move a few squares away from the lava patches on the ground. Cerberus's souls will not longer hit for 60% of the damage with using the correct prayers. Temporarily removed Vorkath's zombified spawn attack until we fix the spawn's god mode bug. Superior Dragon Bones dropped from Vorkath can now be grounded down and used for herblore. A few clue scrolls have been fixed including adding a few npc's such as Fairy Nuff to complete clue steps. Changes around some npc/object interactions so they fit their text. Few more agility shortcuts were added throughout the world. Some small other things were changed here and there to balance out the game.
  24. Currently working on revamping wilderness boss events rewards meaning damagers will get blood money and better rewards than just normal drops.
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